It solved my hair lost problems

My hair is falling which make me feel worry. Tension and lack of sleep is always my problem and my skin is dry. Thanks to Sujiko peptide that I took a few months ago. I started to feel and see the effect after 1 month taking the product with 2 sachets a day. My hair is growing back and it improved my sleep quality. My skin now is smooth and soft. Thank you Sujiko peptide.

Name : Apple Chong
Location : Muar, Johor.

I feel more confident now

I had face birthmark since born, it has since been reduced after 1 month of consumption of Sujiko Peptide (1 sachet per day).

Name : Ren Sou
Location : Butterworth

Ren Sou
I look much younger now

I always had sleep difficulty at night. I also had sagging skin on my face, arms and thighs. Eyes wrinkle fine lines and frequent night urination.

Sujiko peptide managed to improve my sleep disorder and helped smoothen my skin and makes it firmer and softer with just 2 months consumption with 2 sachets per day. Eyes wrinkles fine lines problem reduced, no more night urination and I feel energetic now.

Name : Chung Siew Eng
Age : 62
Location : Kepong, Selangor.

No more high blood pressure & diabetes

I was diagnosed with diabetes at 20mmol and high blood pressure at 200. I always easily get tired & sleepy. Apart from that, I also had knee joint pain and leg muscle cramp.

I decided to trying out Sujiko Peptide. After 3 weeks of consuming with 1 sachet per day, my diabetes level dropped to 10mmol, blood pressure reduced to 150. I feel energetic and reduced the pain of knee joint.  No more leg muscle cramp.

Name : Darus
Business Owner
Location : Beranang, Selangor.

My skin is firmer, smoother and soft.

Sujiko Peptide made my rough and sagging skin go away with just 1 month of consumption and my skin is firm, smooth and soft. Wrinkles fine lines reduced a lot.

Name : Helen Sak
Location : Butterworth

No more high blood pressure & diabetes

Eric Chan-2Eric Chan-3Many years of finger skin eczema problems makes me feel uncomfortable when meeting with people. It becomes terribly itchy when in contact with detergent. No improvement even after taking medicines and apply with cream. Legs are also getting varicose veins problems.

It’s miracle that all these problems have since been drastically improved after taking Sujiko Peptide for 1 month (1 sachet per day). My fingers problem also 100% recovered, no more itchiness and varicose veins problem reduced about 50%. No regret of taking this product.

Name : Eric Chan
Stationary shop owner

Eric Chan-1
Improved skin problem, no more numbness.

Lili_Lim-2Lili_Lim-3Lili_Lim-4I was having rough skin, rough pores, difficulty in make-up, tired and look older than my real age. After taking Sujiko Peptide for 2 months (2 sachets per day), my skin
has becomes firm, smooth, soft, whiter and brighter. I felt more energetic and sleep quality improved. My family friends also notice my changes. I have confident in this product.

Name : Lily Lim
Coffee Shop Owner
Location : Lukut, Port Dickson.

Diabetes level decreased drastically

I had diabetes at the level of 10mmol for few years. I also have sleeping difficulty. Skins wound recovery is slow and lack of energy.

All these have improved after 3 weeks of taking this product (1 sachet per day). My diabetes level dropped to 7mmol. My sleeping quality improved, skins wound heal faster, energetic. Skin looks smoother and whiter.

Name : Fuzah
Location : Pekan, Pahang.

Madam Low
Improved 36 years of skins problems

I have been carrying the skins problem since I was 17 years old. My skin was dull & rough. I also had blood circulation disorder causing numbness in hands and legs, menopause issues, hormones imbalance, weight that increases my weight. It only took 1 month with 2 sachets per day to have my skin pores size reduced, skin firm, smooth, soft, whiter and brighter. Numbness is history, weight reduced by 7 kg, feeling more energetic and it improved my memory.

Name : Madam Low
Location : Kangar, Perlis.

Say bye-bye to menopause problems, knee pains & insomnia

before taking Sujiko, I had menopause disorders, serious insomnia. I used to take western medicines that lead to side effects of neck and hands trembling. I even tried acupuncture, it caused my finger nails to break easily, serious constipation, knee arthritis problems. Because of that, I have to take western, chinese medicine and put on bandage.

After taking Sujiko peptide 2 sachets per day, constipation problems improves in 2nd day, sleep improves in 3rd day. After 1 month knee pain reduced significantly. Neck and hands trembling gone, stronger finger nails, feeling more energetic now. Growing skins looks softer, smoother and whiter.

Name : Pauline Kee
Location : Singapore

Regain energy and stamina

Due to my profession as a track rider that required me to wear boots, I always break my toenail. My precious knee dislocation has becomes a problem to me. I feel lack of energy most of the time.

Sujiko Peptide have strengthened my knee after taking it for 3 weeks with 2 sachets per day. It also recovered my toenail breakage and my skin is smoother. I regain energy and stamina ever since.

Name : Azeman
Track Rider
Location : Penang.

No problem climbing staircase

I always feel easily tired and knee pain when climbing stairs. However after taking Sujiko for 1 month with 1 sachet per day, my knee pain is reduced and I gained strength and stamina. I have no problem climbing staircase anymore.

Name : Tim Ho Mother
Age : 72 years old
Location : Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

No more itchiness and pain

Itchy and painful skin eczema makes me feel uncomfortable. Thanks to Sujiko that I took for 1 month with 1 sachet a day, my skin seems to be recovering well and no more skin itchiness and new skin is growing.

Name : Mr. You You
Location : Kulai, Johor.