Mr. Elton Kwong
MST Founder


  • To develop & discover new formulation using latest advanced technology to delay Aging in the 21st century

  • To provide a never seen before business platform with a successfully proven system to let members achieve Success in life (Win-win Situation)

  • To provide education and nurture members to be independent and have an Entrepreneur Mind Set.



Forward Thinking

  • To be proactive and innovative. We will harness the best technologies Health Product and practices so as to stay relevant, efficient and competitive.


  • To act responsibly, honestly and to be morally courageous in carrying out our duties. We will be fair and above board in all our business dealings.


  • To respect the feelings of the individual and to appreciate his dignity and self-worth, his time and effort, and his need to balance work and family life.

Service Excellence

  • To strive to serve our customers competently, courteously and efficiently. We shall persevere to excel in all areas of our work through continual learning and a positive work attitude.


  • To value teamwork, harmony and unity in our network relationships. We shall do our work with steadfastness and consideration for our leader and customers.

Mr. Peter Choi
MST Co-Founder